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Aubergine and Old Lace

Ok, let’s ignore the mega blurry photo I stole of myself in the ladies’ room on my lunch break.

I am doomed to wearing pants this week. My see-through pasty legs are covered in huge red and orange bug bites. They are ugly. Bonus: as a result I can’t shave my legs. Sexxxy.

Pants it is.

Purple skinnies to the rescue.


Blouse is Banana Republic, jacket is Kenar from TJMaxx, pants and belt are Target, and shoes are Tahari. The necklace belonged to my Crazy Great Great Aunt Edith, my dog’s namesake. It is gorgeous.

Snapshot Sessions: 7.25.13

Every Thursday, I’ll share a snapshot into my world by sharing the answers to the questions listed below…totally reminiscent of MySpace.


Listening to… Thrift Shop on loop, if Steve has anything to do with it. SOMEONE loves that song and I now have it stuck in my head at all hours.

Reading or following… about getting a PHR–Professional in HR–certification, and anything I can get my hands on about creating an effective and informative LinkedIn profile. No, current employer, I’m not going anywhere right now. It just occurred to me, though, that I really enjoy this line of work and having been in my current position for two years (next Wednesday, to be exact!), I should probably start getting real about investing myself and my resources into my now-chosen career. Any LinkedIn advice, friends?

Watching… yes, I admit it, the news of the Royal Baby. Ok, let me explain: my darling Nana is 86 and was born in England on the same day as HRM–only one year later–and so me, Nana, and our family have a connection to the English madness and an appreciation for those royal so-and-sos. Nana passed along her intense Anglophilia to me, and I, in turn, will take up the torch bejeweled scepter thereof for the family. We’re fans. Get over it.

Craving… chocolate chip cookies and milk. So I made some. Totally interesting, huh?

Avoiding… the gym. I know, I know, I wrote a major post about getting back at it, getting serious, etc., and then it got really hot (Lame Excuse #1) and I was super exhausted every day (Lame Excuse #2), and this week, my old lady grandma hip started acting up and I was all limpy and couch-bound (Totally Real and Legit Excuse #1) so I haven’t been out.

Tossing… caution to the wind and…ok, I got nothing.

Looking forward to… chatting with all my law school friends in a conference call tomorrow night, and hearing their voices. It’s so different than Facebooking or emailing, and it’s a valuable thing we don’t do enough of.

Daydreaming about a new computer. My poor 6 year old MacBook still runs really well, but it’s starting to show its age….the mouse button (…what IS it called?!) sticks every.single.time you click it, and the hardware is old enough that it can’t support new software, including most of the more useful things like the iCloud. Which I didn’t know about until after I had prudently purchased iCloud storage place to corral my phone/computer/iPod media. Excellent.

Drooling over…some Noble Designs by MK jewelry! That’s right, I’m pimping out my cousin’s awesome jewelry business. Check out her stuff–though she’ll tell you that her website is old and not updated–and contact her if you’d love some gorgeous pieces. This is my favorite:


I can totally see this working day to night, water cooler to cocktails. Love.

Not loving the fact that it’s almost the end of July and I have been to the beach ONE TIME. Blergh.

Longing for the days of back to school shopping. I had too much fun in Target’s back to school supplies section…and I’m definitely not going back to school or shopping for anyone who is. Now, what to do with those two stellar gold polka dot binders…?

Not missing that feeling you get when you know that you have to go back to school. I loved school–all 19 or so years of it–but I’m over it.

….for now. Evil cackle.

Grateful for… friendships that are invigorating, supportive, and fun. And that you can return to any time you want or need.  Also, friends who do not want to murder you when their Pinterest feeds turn into endless photos of me in OOTD posts because I thought it would be an excellent idea to start a board of Wear to Work outfits (sheepishly waves).

I Need Wake Up Make Up

Today is finally cooler and raining and a bit dreary. So obviously I wear an outfit to counteract the weather (…or to try to).

Random ivory TJ Maxx sheath (actually, the “going away dress” from our 2010 wedding…!), my J Crew printed linen anchor cardigan, ivory belt, and ivory Anne Klein peep toe pumps (not seen: skinny stacked wood heel–lovely!). Noticeably absent: me, awake. Man, a touch of lipstick would help.

Good thing my legs match my dress. Womp womp.