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Snapshot Sessions: 9.27.13

Every Thursday, I’ll share a snapshot into my world by sharing the answers to the questions listed below…totally reminiscent of MySpace.


Listening to… NPR, mostly. My iPhone speaker dock is broken, so my office has been quiet.

Reading or following… I finally (!) finished As Always, Julia, and it was wonderful. I am sort of sad it’s over. But, I’m onto Cooked by Michael Pollan. 

Watching… My ass get bigger and bigger every day. I cannot stop eating garbage, and I cannot get my [ever expanding] ass to the gym. It’s awful. I have no excuse. I’m in a rut with everything these days, so I guess this stupidly goes along with it.

Craving… so many things…especially a pork shoulder braised in milk. I’m alone this week, and I’ve been keeping myself company by spending time in the kitchen. Unfortunately, I’m all the answer when I inevitably ask “who is going to eat all this?!” I’ve made…

some beef stock with roasted leftover prime rib and roasted braising ribs


fried green tomatoes


and double chocolate chip cookies. AND I DON’T EVEN LIKE CHOCOLATE THAT MUCH. Ugh.

Tonight I’ll saute up some oyster mushrooms and pasta. I completely forgot to order pancetta from the milkman, so that’s out. So nevermind. Maybe tonight I eat 13 thin mints and 3 glasses of wine.

Avoiding… the reality that fatty delicious food + no exercise + whining = bad.

Annoyed By… so very many things. Melissa Gorga’s new book (not that I give a rat’s ass about her, but this is just too cray to read and not be annoyed), Barilla’s obnoxiousness, and the dumbass who thinks sandwiches ==> marriage proposal. This is the week of morons.

Looking forward to… Steve’s return tomorrow! I’ve missed him so much.

Daydreaming about living somewhere where a tan is part of the uniform.

Drooling over… a mushroom in cream sauce pasta situation. Ok, maybe I’m reinvigorated!

Not loving that Agnes knows (and loves!) the exact one spot under our bed where you cannot.reach.her.

Grateful for… three wonderful years of marriage to my darling husband, Steve. It flew by. Can’t wait to keep flying!

Facing Fall

Alright, it is officially here. Fall. Season of jeans and sweaters and knee-high boots.

And all I want to do is rewind just one day. Back to the best season that er’ was: Late Summer.

I’m just not ready to face Fall.

Last Winter, I suffered some serious SAD. It crept up on me. I was a monster for the better part of 3 months.

I’m scared of that happening again.

Except now that I know that it is A Thing In My Life That Must Be Dealt With, I guess I’ll handle it.

I don’t hate Fall. I actually like Fall.

Fall  =  Football.

Fall  =  Cooking all day.

Fall  =  Balmy temperatures.

I tried to do all three today.

Football at 1pm in The Lodge–we won.

Grocery shopping right after that. Too many kids and retired people, once again, but I guess I’m stuck.

Home to my puppies and no husband (away on business). Yay to the first part of that sentence, boo to the latter.

A “boil water advisory” is in effect for my water…which is awesome. Oh, wait, no it isn’t. So I’m boiling water like a fool because I have no other choice. Why is it that I’m thirstiest when I can’t have water?! Might have to trek out to the garage for some sparkling water out of the keg…hmm.

Culinarily unmotivated for this week, after the success of last week’s meal planning and execution. Soups and some salads for lunch this week, I guess, and picking at things for dinners, I suppose. I have two teeny pork tenderloins roasting in garlic, rosemary, and white wine right now, and I’ll pick at that this week. I want to do a pork shoulder braised in milk, too, which is a favorite. Picked up a tiny little hunk of pork at the store, along with some local whole milk, and I’ll attack that mid-week when I’m getting sick of salads with lemon juice and olive oil (oddly enough, a favorite “alone” food!).

This has been such a rambly post–I’m sorry. I think that’s a comment on how I feel about this season. I’m unprepared, unfocused, disorganized, and wishing it were something else.

Snapshot Sessions: 9.19.13

Every Thursday, I’ll share a snapshot into my world by sharing the answers to the questions listed below…totally reminiscent of MySpace.


Listening to… The Essential Billy Joel. Right now, though, I’m watching Footloose so Kenny Loggins it is.

Reading or following… after linking to this blog post a few days ago, I saw another more accurate one (just google young and poor). WAY more accurate.

Watching… Footloose, still (it’s been like 2 minutes, dude).

Craving… truffled mac n cheese. With a tripel karmeleit.

Avoiding… buying breakfast and lunch at work. My plan to pack lunch and breakfast has worked successfully this week, so far.

Annoyed By… the fact that the Navy Yard shootings have had such a small presence in our national discussion these days. Really, people? My friend Hala wrote about it best.

Looking forward to… my weekend, though I’ll only get one day with Steve. I could use a day.

Daydreaming about picking up and moving. It’s not practical, but that’s why we call it a daydream.

Drooling over… this

Not loving how chilly it has been in the mornings… I’m not ready for Fall or Winter. Not one bit.

Grateful for… my gorgeous little girl, Edith, who joined this home a year ago today and completed this little family. Edie, darling, you have our hearts. Even Aggie’s.