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Snapshot Sessions: 10.3.13

Every Thursday, I’ll share a snapshot into my world by sharing the answers to the questions listed below…totally reminiscent of MySpace.


Listening to… news of The Shutdown, of course! Ugh. So mad.

Reading or following… chugging along slowly with Michael Pollan’s Cooked. Still craving pit cue. 

Watching… My ass get bigger and bigger every day. …myself get out of my workout/healthy eating slump! Back to the gym this week…starting a compressed re-do of C25K again (at W3D1, skipping every other workout until W5) so I can be ready for the Mews Tavern Beer n’ Gear 5K at the end of November. A friend from out of town (who’s husband is from in-town) asked if I wanted to run it with her this year…I was like “dude, I’m rusty but I’ll be ready” and that was all I needed to get my ass back to the gym. The prospect of free all-you-can-drink craft beer and eating free, all-you-can-stand-in-line-for BBQ chicken nachos after running 3.1mi  is enough. On to W4D1 Friday evening!

As I probably shared, I officially ditched Weight Watchers just to save money, though I like the accountability and the method. So I switched to the free MyFitnessPal app and I really like it. I don’t love “counting calories” but I don’t notice it as much, I guess, after having done WW and knowing the real impact food has on me. The tracker interface is really similar to WW’s–dare I say better?–and has a broader database of food and exercise. I think this will help me get back on track and lose the 5 lbs I gained back (boo) plus at least another 10.

Craving… some sticky sweet pork ribs, really good fried chicken, and poundcake.

Avoiding… any of the several press conferences that Congressmen are holding each hour, rather than actually doing their gaddamn jobs. Seriously. I have friends who are sitting home, unpaid, and wondering whether they can make the rent, utilities, student loan payments (worst of all!), and groceries because you–all of you!–are being obstinate three year old assholes.

That’s an insult to three year old assholes. My apologies, three year old assholes everywhere. You do not deserve such a comparison.

Annoyed By… well, see above…but also the fact that there are so many things that Steve and I want to do with our life and we cannot because of money or the obscenely slow passage of time at the completely unreasonable rate of 1 second per second. Grrr. Speed up, time!

Also, annoyed at my own inability to get the early-week OOTD posts up on a weekly basis. I’ve been crazy at work, and my morning routine has changed a little bit, so either (a) wearing something that isn’t completely boring or (b) remembering to take the time to snap a picture of the decent outfits has been tough.

Looking forward to… a grilled cheese with the bacon cheddar cheese I have in my fridge. Oh yeah.

Daydreaming about snapping my fingers and having new kitchen appliances and countertops.

Not loving the tick that lodged itself into Agnes’ jaw [judging by it’s size] approximately 2 days ago. Disgusting. And Agnes, being the feisty kraken that she is, will not let one human being remove it, so I have to wait until Steve gets home and then we can doubleteam the little bastard.

Grateful for… my dad, who turned 65 yesterday. Happy Birthday, Dab. Love you.