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Be Patient.

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Healthy Office Mini Fridge

As I mentioned yesterday, I am trying to get back to whole health with a few new and old practices. One of my new practices involves taking “packing a lunch” to a whole new level…

I have a mini fridge in my office now, y’all, and I’m packing it with healthy options.

If I can keep healthy options within arm’s reach of my desk–where I spend 7+ hours of my day–I am sure I can reach some small level of success. Gone are the days where I troll for candy. Gone are the days where the cookies in the cafeteria win. Gone are the days I know I could pack a lunch but am just too lazy. Options are my friend, and they’ll keep me out of trouble.

So, what’s in my fridge?


Yep, that’s five days’ breakfasts, various snacks and lunch sides, and three days’ lunches. I have a six pack of low sodium V8, several cans of Progresso soup, and 100 calorie packs of almonds in my cupboard.

I’m a Girl Scout. I take “Be Prepared” kind of seriously.

Today, I enjoyed my cottage cheese with some coffee, wedge of Laughing Cow sundried tomato cheese for a snack, the soup and a pack of celery (with another wedge of cheese) for lunch, and….two Nestle Crunch hearts. Ok, so the candy won me over around 3:00pm, but now I know: bring something sweet for the three o’clock sweet tooth! Easy.

What foods get you through a long day at work when you’re getting/staying healthy?


I’m not going to tell you that I’ve discovered the secret to eating well and staying slim and healthy.


I’m still fat and have high blood pressure and borderline high bad cholesterol.

No, this is not that kind of revolutionary post.


This is simply the story of how I’m trying to eat filling and delicious and mostly whole foods, and to slowly peck away at my ever-increasing fatness.


To recount my current situation from previous posts:

  • I’ve quit Weight Watchers (couldn’t do $20 a month any more) in favor of the free My Fitness Pal app;
  • I’ve gained about 13 pounds back from my lowest stable weight;
  • I haven’t been to the gym or running or anything since, oh, August?;
  • I’m in an all-around low doldrums-y mood.

These things are all related, obviously. It’s no freaking mystery.

So I find myself trying to inch back toward whole health.


I’m planning meals at home again.

I have made a regular date with my grocery store, and I faithfully visit each Sunday morning at 10:00am. I don’t go in between visits. I don’t go to Trader Joe’s on a weekly basis anymore.

I make grocery lists, a habit I’ve really always been in.

I try to fill most of my cart with produce.

I sit down with my meal planning chart and plan away, then I post the week’s menu.

This helps (until I throw it away in favor of super cheesy homemade mac n cheese with bacon….drat).

I’m packing healthy food for work again.

Salad is my friend: lettuce or shredded cabbage; a tiny bit of nuts of some kind, shredded cheese, and crumbled bacon; various veggies; low fat dressing. Easy. Healthier than a philly cheesesteak and fries for sure.

I look forward to my morning cottage cheese. I’m old now, by the way.

I show my healthy lunches/breakfasts to my healthy happy shiny successful dieting friends at work (that used to be me—such a fat fall from grace), keeping me honest.

I bought an excellent new lunch box contraption to supplement my usual bento-style Tupperware. Fit ‘n Fresh container, I love you.


I guzzle cold water from my 1L bottle all damn day.

After realizing that the annoying co-worker who claims that the office fridge is “hers” would never change and would never stop filling up the fridge with her bottled water, leaving no room for anyone else’s lunches (….!), I asked Steve to pick up a mini fridge for me to put in my office. Life saver, you guys. Life SAVER. I plan to fill ‘er up with healthy lunch and breakfast foods, waters, etc. No excuses. Also, no sharing.

I wish I could tell you I’m going to the gym again, but not quite there yet, I think.

I’m still all blah about that. But really, I need to get the fuck over it.

Pack my gym bag (actually, it never gets fully unpacked), go after work, yoga it out.

I’ll get back to running, I know. But not in time for that race I promised a friend I’d run…which is next weekend. Oops. Thankfully, Steve can run a 5k with basically zero effort. I’ll walk/run the race, definitely. But I’m not up to fighting speed with the running-the-whole-race thing.

Will any of this work?

I hope so. I’ve done better with worse before. It’s not as daunting, really, knowing that I’ve conquered it before. It’s different, though, knowing how easy it was to undo the hard work. That’s honestly depressing.

I’ll keep you updated…if I have any particular successes or failures, I’ll share.