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Uh, this isn’t winter.

It’s December 21st today.

Except you’d never know it here in New England.


Yeah, it’s 60* out right now.

I don’t mind, of course, given my self-diagnosed SAD. Winter–gorgeous winter!–is scary.

But when it’s 60*, how can I pass up a brisk walk outside in the sunshine?! I can’t. Especially given that I just re-started Weight Watchers and I need some serious Activity Points….those size 12 skinnies with zero stretch ain’t gonna fit on their own.


Walk was nice, if a bit sloppy with the slush and sand mix that I kept stepping in….now I can enjoy a little lunch!

Round Three?

Yes, kids, round three.


Yep, I’m doing it again. It, of course, is Weight Watchers.

My attempts to lose weight and stay on track without Weight Watchers have failed miserably.

Once upon a time, I lost about 40 pounds on Weight Watchers.

And then I quit.

And then I gained back about 13 pounds.


Clearly it’s what works for me, so I’m back.

Not after the New Year starts.

Not after Christmas.

Not on Sunday.

Not tomorrow.

Today. No day but today.

And Then I Watched a Movie

Feeling disgustingly full from holiday and football eating and drinking, I settled in on the couch to watch a movie. “Forks Over Knives,” I thought, “that will be good! I liked ‘Food, Inc.’ and I could use a reminder of why food is important…”

And then I felt like I needed to ditch bacon and pasta and creme fraiche (I mean, I *do*…) and eat vegetables and beans forever. Merits of the movie’s claims aside, I was reminded why I liked eating healthfully and feeling good. Do I think sprouts and kale and freekeh cure cancer? Uh, no. But I do think that it will help lower cholesterol, blood pressure, weight, inflammation?

Yes, I do.

And I’m going to be better.

Also, no way am I buying the vegan lifestyle they promote (yes, that’s what a “whole food, plant-based diet” is, kids). I love meat. I double love cheese. Butter? I’m moving to Utah so I can enter a polygamous relationship with it and Steve, because I can’t decide who I love more.

I just have to love the butter and the cheese and the lamb less and me and Steve more.

So, I send Steve this email while I was on my lunch break today:

I’ve got to be better about what I eat, and so do you, which means that I need to be better about what I stock and cook. Asap, and definitely after the new year, we’re going back to where we used to be. Minimal meat at dinner, especially during the week, and I’m going to have to stop with the butters and pastas and cheeses and fat fat fat. I’m doing us no favors.

I know you don’t love certain foods–chickpeas, onions, scallops come to mind!–but list for me what other beans, grains, veggies you do not like, specifying if you hate them and will not eat them (ie chickpeas) or don’t love them and would eat a small quantity (like polenta, which you seem to eat smallish amounts of). I don’t want to end up making you a chickpea, raw onion, and scallop salad with a polenta side and a chocolate cake dessert.

What beans, grains, veggies, etc do you love or like (specify!)?

Do not say “I’ll eat whatever” because you’ll get the aforementioned dish of chickpeas and onions.

I’ll make more fish if I can figure out what is downstairs–just let me know what’s what and I’ll try to make it.

I’ll still buy lunchmeat and cheese for you, but you need to actually eat lunch at a reasonable hour (or at all) so that you are not starving at dinner. There will not be copious snacks.

I’ll leave out a few of my cookbooks soon, too, and if anything spikes your interest let me know and I’ll try it. Can’t hurt!

Next week, I’m going to try to get to the gym after work a few times.

Writing this down means that I’m doing it (this is more an exercise for me in being accountable and doing it than anything!)

I didn’t see a response so I assumed he either didn’t see it, or he saw it was like ::eyeroll::

But then I got home and there, on the front of my fridge, prominently displayed, was this:


I like that “Scotch” and “Beer” are listed under “Healthy Foods” he likes. Haha!

True to my word, I whipped out my most reliably healthy-but-interesting, visually stimulating cookbooks, two post-it pads–one pink, one blue–and I got to tabbing.

Tomorrow, Steve will take to the cookbooks and tab what interests him, and then I’ll get to cooking.

Of course, I choose the worst time of year to do this. We have like 4 parties this week alone, plus a fridge full of tantalizing leftovers and booze. Baby steps. Baby steps.