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Life these days

Since we’ve been in DC, we’ve been settling into a rhythm and finding a new normal. Steve calls it the “honeymoon phase” of this place, and while I think that’s apt, it makes me a little sad that we could ever be in some state of currency with it. I’m sure that means a lot on the grand scale, but do I want to explore that now? Naw.

I’m working permanently, full time, in a job I love and can see myself growing in for a while; Steve too. We’re on a dog walking schedule.

We’re still working out the day-to-day chores and minutia (don’t ask about my laundry backload…one of us has been good about keeping up and it ain’t me). Getting into a manageable and doable cooking/eating in rhythm has been hard: there is entirely too much delicious food to eat and it is entirely too easy to get it rather than cook at home. My weight has stagnated as a result, but I’m honestly not trying enough, even if I am walking more.

But am I walking more? Yes, but soon I’ll be riding Rudy to work.

I’m kind of a big deal. Also I have no idea how to ride her. That’s tomorrow’s project…

I had a birthday recently (yesterday), and I got to celebrate with good friends and good cheer (and some rando creepers, like this cycloptic dude) in the sun. Love. It.


We have a rooftop pool and IT IS GLORIOUS. Every weather-worthy day, we’ve snuck up there for at least a little dip and some sun worship (safe sun, SPF 25+ included).


Overall, I’m still me, just a new place. Still taking ridiculous selfies and feeling excellent. Some might say I’m…