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Red, White, and Long Weekend

Ah, the eve of the last long weekend of the summer. Labor Day Weekend is a marker of so much: the end of summer as we know it, “back to school” and serious work, one last blowout. And for many, it’s a chance to wear white one last time. Like white disappears on Tuesday and we all go back to browns, oranges, and deep purples. Like it’s a funeral for white.

That’s so weak.

I’ll wear white as long as I want, thanks. All dang year.

But my feelings about that archaic rule didn’t stop me from pointedly wearing crisp white chinos to work today. And white jewelry. Making a statement.

The top is Loft, pants Old Navy, flats Kate Spade. The necklace is from Francesca’s like 5 years ago. The bag is Stella and Dot.

Pardon my ridiculous hair and lack of makeup…I’m getting my hair cut and keratin-ed tomorrow, and I’m just clawing my way to the finish line.

Busy morning at work, then hopefully a relaxing early evening by the pool!


And Then: So Long, Sweet Summer

Summer is basically over this week. I mean, the pool closes after this weekend, work is full of students again, DC will come alive with its business soon, and soon, I’ll just want to be wearing jeans and boots and sipping a PSL pretty much every day. So, I’m trying to savor these last moments. Before I get to my list, I’ll tell you about my weekend.


This is my “it’s too early to be awake, catching a flight back to DC” face. Totally New England-ing it right here: Pats jersey, and a hot DD coffee, regular. In a place where you don’t have to specify what “regular” means.

I spent exactly 36 hours  in Boston this weekend for my uncle’s memorial service. It was an amazing, beautiful, moving tribute, and it was absolutely a celebration of his life and how we’ll remember him from here on in. I was able to spend some quality time with my sister and my parents, my cousins, and aunts and uncles. People keep asking me how the funeral weekend was, and when I gleefully respond “it was so much fun!,” they look at me sideways. Hi, I come from a big Irish Catholic family in Boston: funerals aren’t supposed to be mopey and sad, they are supposed to be an epic rebound from mopey sadness. And so, too, was this one. Mike, it was an amazing time, thanks for bringing us together one more time 😉 You were there, even if you weren’t.

So, Summer: you have exactly one week. GO!

  • Eat dinner from a salad plate, unless its a salad. Ok, I still didn’t do this. Dinner plates, again. Starting small! This week?
  • Start wearing more structured clothing again. Except for one day when I wore a stacked-heel gladiator sandal, I wore “real shoes” every day, a suit or at least a jacket most days, and looked less fun, more business.
  • Make lunch every day this week. Failure, but I’ll let it go.
  • Give myself permission to be in a foul, sullen mood, but don’t let it sour others. I mostly succeeded in this. Aside from a few minor temper tantrums, I was pretty good.
  • Hit the pool at least two times during the week, and three times this weekend (before it closes!). I don’t care if it’s an hour each time, just get there. Soon, the pool will be closed for the season (dumb, considering pool weather lasts well through September), and the roof will close too. Damn.
  • Get back to the habit of eating breakfast. I am able to choose wisely at work, but I should try eating at home, too. At work, I go for a quarter cup of grits (water only, no milk), and a few sprinkles of cheese, or the fruit salad bar, or a quarter cup of scrambled eggs and a turkey sausage link. At home, it’s oatmeal or an egg. Takes no time, but it makes me a happier person, for sure. Shocking: eating makes me happy. Go figure.
  • Get a manicure and pedicure. My hands and feet look like they belong to a zoo animal.
  • Use up the stupid potatoes from the CSA. I know I said I was Irish. But I hate potatoes. I’m sorry, they are so heavy and boring and taste like chalk. And I’m talking about beautiful heirloom farmer potatoes, here. I have about 2 pints of potatoes left, and I want to throw them out the window (damn screens…).

With work heating up, and summer cooling down, I’ve got a lot to do. Let’s see if I can stay with it…!




And Then It Was Friday

The only post I have in me right now is essentially a brain dump with pictures.

Here’s what’s been happening in my life for the past week.


I found this interesting looking vegetable? at Whole Foods this week. I snuck a little taste to decide whether I liked it enough to buy it. It was crunchy and zippy and salty, but there was no name and no price posted with it. I grabbed a small handful, and when I went to check out the cashier looked at it sideways. She had no idea what it was–neither did any one else in her area–and I was no help because I had no idea. So she just shrugged and tossed it in my bag without charging me, as if to say “if we don’t know what it is, just take it home and happy experimenting.” Score. It’s salcornia, by the way.


I wore this earlier this week…maybe Monday? I have no idea. It’s probably my favorite dress. I bought it in August 2007 from Banana, and I wore it to my very first day of law school (for an event; I did not always dress up!). It’s stretchy and comfy and it was just what I needed. And look! Real shoes! Check out my awful face pose there. Woof. I was tired.


When I got home on….Tuesday? (Why can’t I remember any days?!) I had a package waiting for me. I was perplexed; I hadn’t ordered anything. So I tore into it, and there was a lovely Stella and Dot necklace, engraved with my And Then line. I immediately texted my friend Hala (and my S+D Stylist, to boot): “Did you send this to me? If not, I really need to stop getting drunk and ordering things online.” It was, indeed, a surprise gift from Hala. I love it.


I made a peach galette over the weekend, and on Tuesday [seriously contemplating renaming this post “everything I did on Tuesday”], I wrapped up a slice and ate it for breakfast. All-butter pastry dough is my downfall. So amazing.


Oh, hey, Dad’s side of the family, circa 1957. My dad is one of 16 kids. This is just 11 of them, traveling in their Sunday best on American Airlines in 1957 (to Detroit? Chicago? no idea). My dad is the cutie on the stairs with the big grin and the sticky-out-y ears. I looked just like that as a kid.

One of the silver linings in a family death is that we all take so much more time to pore over photos and memories and things like this. Thanks to my cousin who posted this on Facebook the other day–it’s pretty amazing to share.

I know Le Pain Quotidien means The Daily Bread, but this is too much bread for one person, LPQ. TWO massive hunks of bread with gazpacho (…which includes, as an ingredient, bread), plus the world’s largest avocado tartine (which, btw, is outstanding).


Finally, this is my super professional selfie. Back to school means orientation, and this was the calm before the storm. It was a really fun day yesterday, but I am so wiped out today (…the Molokai Mules last night didn’t help).


I’m leaving work at 3:30pm today to hop on the shuttle to hop on the Metro to get to Union Station to hop on the MARC to get to BWI to get on a plane to fly to Boston for my uncle’s funeral tomorrow morning. A very quick trip, indeed: I’ll be back here by noon on Sunday.