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To Do: Where Did September Go?!

Um, seriously. Wednesday marks the beginning of October. Crunchy leaves, decorative gourd season, pumpkin coffee, jeans and boots….and September–month of white pants, yellow pencils, and back to school excitement–is done.

Where the eff did that go?!

Not complaining, but just confused. I feel like I’m on a road trip and I fell asleep and woke up in a completely new place.

This coming month should be fun: some Fall outdoors time, dinners with friends, a weekend trip to West Virginia, and Halloween! If our fun weekend of market-going, patio drinking, and merriment was any indication, it will be excellent indeed.

This week, though…

  • Get out of my office for lunch. NOPE.
  • Pack workout clothes for work… Not one single time, again. This week. (I swear I’m not just cutting and pasting, you guys).
  • Pick up our new houseplant/trees! We did and they are awesome!!! I posted pictures on Instagram (knobleg925), so check them out and follow if you want.
  • Menu plan for this week. I did it! And I’m doing it this week, too. Sure, there was one night when I had an intense, irresistible craving for a Jucy Lucy and tots, which was bad for my weight watchers and everything else, but it was so worth it. That, plus our amazingly huge dinner out on Thursday, meant no weigh in post this week. I mean, I weighed in and all, but I’m going to behave this week and see if I can lessen the damage by this Friday.
  • Find a pair of casual but thick leggings for casual Fall days. Ok, so I found them, but haven’t pulled the trigger. Patience, Iago.
  • Drop my caramel leather boots at the cobbler. Still have to *find* a cobbler that will do this for a reasonable price, and I didn’t even think to check with our in-building dry cleaner/tailor. She may be able to do it….that, plus chopping down my full length black wool wrap coat.
  • Plan solo dinners for Thursday and Friday, without GrubHub or Steve will have EMT obligations those two nights, and I can’t just be all “burgers and fries to my door!” both nights. Because that’s how I get and stay fat, people. So, healthy delicious planned meals for both nights, and movies that he would never want to watch, on the docket.
  • Get up with my alarm. I think I need to move my alarm clock/phone. It’s right next to my bed, just close enough to not have to wake up to turn it off. Once my feet hit the floor, I can be awake, so might as well just move the alarm to a place where I have to walk to get it. I used to do this with great success for a long time, but then I got married and had no alarm clock (well, Steve, and the dogs later, were responsible for waking me up but no actual beep beep alarm) and all went to hell.


What do you have to do this week? Can you believe September is over?!


It’s Fall, Y’all

Chilly (ok, like today…I spy some scorchers on the horizon yet) and rainy and mildly blustery.

Fall, y’all. It is here.

My trench coat, galoshes, and perturbed Fall face made an appearance at the bus stop today!




To Do: Four Years Already?!

This week, Steve and I will celebrate our four year wedding anniversary.

Where the hell did four years go?!

And even more than that, where did the 9 years before that go!??!?!

Man, 12.5 years ago, I couldn’t have guessed that my life would look like this with such an amazing partner and best friend. But it does, and I’m so damn grateful for it.

We have dinner reservations on Thursday–the big day–but until then, I have a list of crap to get to…

  • Get a manicure and pedicure. I should just call this one dead already, but I might go and surprise myself by painting my toes later…no, no surprises. Crossing this off as “eventually it will get done…or not.”
  • Get out of my office for lunch. I tried, even just getting up to the caf or outside. This week, I have lunch plans with a friend so this will happen.
  • Rotate the overtly summer-y things to the back of the closet. I started this. Some things are getting closer to the front of the closet and others, rotating further back. The peach raffia wedge sandals? Those need to make a trip to the upper reaches of the closet until Easter.
  • Pack workout clothes for work… Not one single time. I’m beginning to think that as soon as I write it down here, it gets jinxed and never happens. This week?
  • Pick up our new houseplant/trees! Ok, so a while back, I gave up on this goal. And then, lo and behold, our apartment building’s listserv came to the rescue. One of the office residents (as opposed to a residential client) was looking to rehome three indoor trees. I jumped at the opportunity and some morning this week, I’ll go get them. Woo hoo!
  • Menu plan for this week. I kind of did this last week, and when I do it, I am so much better about everything. I have a ton (!) of vegetables and fruits on hand, so I’ll use those up before buying anything new. Aside from picking up milk, I may be able to avoid grocery shopping this week.
  • Find a pair of casual but thick leggings for casual Fall days. I’m tempted by all the internet love for Zella Live In leggings, so I may need to get myself to a Nordstrom/their website.
  • Drop my caramel leather boots at the cobbler. Someone (cough cough Agnes/Edith cough) decided that the zippers on these boots were delicious. So, that’s unfortunate. Gotta fix those stat. Boot weather is coming (she says, while it’s like 80F outside).

This will be a busy week, but I’m looking forward to it. Dinner with my darling, lunch with a friend, a visit from my friend’s parents…sounds perfect!