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#JanPhotoADay Project, Week Three

Week Three already? Where did the first three weeks of 2015 go? And why does it also feel like WAY more than three weeks has elapsed?! Time, man. It’s confusing.

I’m still sharing these on Instagram (@knobleg529), but let’s jump in.

Day 15: Happiness. Nothing embodies happiness more than Edith’s reaction to anyone coming into the apartment. Holy hell, this dog is excited.


Day 16: Morning. I should have included a photo of me walking the dogs as the sun was coming up over the trees, but let’s be real: I was still basically asleep at that point. So, you got a selfie on the bus on the way to work.


Day 17: Water. Ok, so this is obviously a throwback. I did not take this on January 17, 2015. Not here, anyway. This is the pool in July, and those are the fabulous old ladies that paddle around and don’t get their hair wet, and chatter and gossip all day. So, me and my friends in the future. We look gooooood!


Day 18: Something You Bought. This is the remains of my delicious papri chaat at an Indian restaurant, and the Patriots/Colts game in the background. The problem is, Steve technically bought dinner that night. It’s a reach.


Day 19: Something Sweet. Talk about order envy! This was my friend’s Café Vietnamese at Le Diplomate on Monday. It’s coffee with sweetened condensed milk, a la Vietnamese iced tea/coffee, and it was gorgeous. Made my coffee/Grand Marnier combo look pathetic in comparison.


Day 20: Someone You Love. This is on the nose, but I don’t care. These are the three someones I love the most.


Day 21: Reflection. I could have gone more artsy with this, composing some contemplative shot. But this just presented itself, so there it was. My new bag from Stella and Dot, reflected in the window of the bus, with the yellow line of the street perfectly cutting through the frame.

Week Four is the last one, and then what?


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