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NDOF, Week One

Ok, we made it through the first week. Lunches were planned and packed, with snacks and more snacks ready to go. I made breakfast every day for myself and sent Steve off with his preferred breakfast, too. Dinners were all made, but not quite planned out. That was the downfall, really. No planning ==> a lot of pasta and white carbs. Not ideal, but delicious. I’ll be a better planner about this in the coming week…

The week was not without temptations, though. The co-worker’s birthday celebration that presented not only doughnuts (my downfall), but also Georgetown Cupcakes: that was a challenge. The plate of cookies that we used to lure in students: that was a challenge. The new cafe at work held a soft opening, wherein they were taking orders and giving out food and beverages for free: that one was a challenge I didn’t win. The iced tea was lovely. Let’s not tell Steve.KellySignatureCard