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Sundays Now

Being an adult is fantastic.

I mean, the bill paying and responsibility-taking is sort of meh, but the rest of it is pretty great.

Sundays now involve doing whatever the hell I want, on my own schedule, and to suit myself. Like, sleeping ’til 9, cuddling with my dogs, drinking coffee and eating fries for breakfast, and staying in my pajamas until I have to leave the house (sometimes never). Sometimes it means getting up, heading downtown for brunch with friends, and strolling in and out of shops and bars until it’s time to go home. Sometimes it means getting up and puttering around the house, walking the dogs, and cooking a ton.

Sundays then were waking up early to go to church and then Sunday school–someone else’s idea of a good use of time, not mine (#atheist)–and then coming home to do yard work and chores, and homework, and play outside if those other things were done. Someone else’s rules, priorities, goals. I guess that’s being a kid, right?

Um, nope. I’m good.

I’ll take the Sundays I choose, thanks.

And the best part of all of this is that I don’t see our Sunday priorities shifting (being child free-4-lyfe has its benefits). We can be 40, 50, 60, however old! and doing this if we want. Or we can be on a boat or the beach doing, again, whatever we want. It’s glorious.

Sunday is a great day to be alive.


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  1. Like, for real. Weekends at my parent’s house growing up:

    Saturday morning: You’re grounded until your bedroom is clean, even if that takes until Wednesday
    Sunday Morning: Go to church or you’re grounded for the week.

    With other misc. chores interspersed, usually to be done immediately and always taking precedent over whatever I was doing at the time that was important to me.

    Now: I sleep until 10 or 11 if I want to, and maybe breakfast is boozy. Maybe I talk to someone. Maybe I’m a hermit all day.

    Whatever whatever. I do what I want.

    I <3 adulting.

    April 21, 2016

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