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NDOF, Week One

Ok, we made it through the first week. Lunches were planned and packed, with snacks and more snacks ready to go. I made breakfast every day for myself and sent Steve off with his preferred breakfast, too. Dinners were all made, but not quite planned out. That was the downfall, really. No planning ==> a lot of pasta and white carbs. Not ideal, but delicious. I’ll be a better planner about this in the coming week…

The week was not without temptations, though. The co-worker’s birthday celebration that presented not only doughnuts (my downfall), but also Georgetown Cupcakes: that was a challenge. The plate of cookies that we used to lure in students: that was a challenge. The new cafe at work held a soft opening, wherein they were taking orders and giving out food and beverages for free: that one was a challenge I didn’t win. The iced tea was lovely. Let’s not tell Steve.KellySignatureCard


No Dine Out February, Again

Let’s pretend I post here regularly, and that my last substantive post wasn’t like 8 months ago, mmk? Deal.

For the second year in a row, we’re doing a “No Dine Out February.” We don’t pay to eat out, drink out, have coffee, grab a scone, nothing, from February 1st through the 29th (leap year!), and we’re only allowed to eat what we pack and plan. No pity meals, no free food at work….just packed breakfasts and lunches, planned dinners, and meals at people’s homes.

Why? It saves money. It forces us to be more cognizant about what we’re eating and how we’re planning. It encourages sharing food in a home setting rather than out for a change.

February is a short month so it’s not too scary.

Last year, we figured out that we saved an embarrassing $1,500.00. We eat out a lot, but not because we’re lazy or can’t cook (on the contrary: I love to cook and I’m not half bad). We eat out a lot because we live in a city with fantastic food and drink options, it’s how we socialize most of the time, and we love it. We don’t spend time and money on movies, sports, whatever else people spend money on; we spend time and money traveling, eating, and drinking.

So today, this Sunday before February begins, I’ll prep some lunches and breakfasts for the week, get my dinner plans in order, and hope for the best.



And Then I Did it Again…For a Fourth Time

You’ve read this blog post before. I’ve written it at least two other times–if not three. See?

Here, here, and here.

If you were too lazy to click through, that’s ok. I don’t judge. I’m clearly the lazy one.


I joined Weight Watchers again. Round Four. After a tumultuous , volatile, stressful year that included a budget re-do, moving, and living somewhere with friends and entirely too many delicious dining options, I have managed to gain back all but 15 pounds of my original weight loss.

I feel like this is apropos:

No bueno.

So I’m doing it again. This time, with a friend on track in the same city. We’ll be partnering up on some things–lunch planning, dining out, getting more active–and going it alone with some other things. We have supportive people in our lives to egg us on, including significant others and friends. I know I’ll need it.

I rejoined the WW team yesterday on my lunch break, when I was cramming a tiny cupcake in my mouth at my desk in between appointments. Nothing like logging into Weight Watchers and having it say “Welcome Back, Kelly!” You should not be on a first name basis with Weight Watchers. You should also not eat cupcakes for lunch at your desk, which is probably why WW knows me so well.

We’re headed up to RI for a long weekend tonight. A friend’s wedding in Newport, some family time, and some eating/drinking out in Newport are on tap…what an excellent way to start Weight Watchers! Oh crap. Ok, so light beer and vodka clubs, got it; veggies more than meat and cheese, got it. If I were a good New Englander I’d just eat seafood, but I’m so picky. Perhaps lobster will present itself to me and I can eat that (super low in points!)…. but, like, not doused in butter or mayo (womp womp).

Thanks for sticking with me, kids. It’s going to be a lumpy ride.