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Ok, this seriously could not be a more fitting meal for a perfect summer night.

Two local pork rib chops (from my beloved Pat’s Pastured Meat CSA — the meat was happy and tastes better!), simply salt and peppered. Grilled. Mini courgettes, leeks, and garden-grown eggplants, skewered, salted, peppered. Grilled lightly.

Dressed with a salsa verde of sorts from the garden: garlic, chives, oregano, rosemary, basil, lemon juice, olive oil, salt, pepper.

Best enjoyed with someone you love, at dusk, on the back deck. Bonus points for a glass of crisp–almost sour–vinho verde.

And then you simply must gnaw every last morsel of meat and fat off the remaining bones.


This hot steamy weather has been awesome for my garden (except for my herbs….) and the yield has been excellent so far.

Earlier this week, I had maybe six eggplants to use up, so I made a sort of eggplant parm casserole. I needed a little something extra in there so I added a layer of thinly sliced local Daniele pancetta. This stuff is delectable–porky and salty and rich–and I’m proud to call it a local product, from the pork to the processing to the design of the packaging.

As I type this, a nasty thunderstorm cell (hopefully with some rain!) is descending on my yard.

(I enhanced it just a little)

So earlier this afternoon, I ducked out to the garden and pulled in anything that was ready to come in before it got pummeled by the storm. Here’s what came in:

Three eggplants, a bell pepper, three cucumbers, and a mini watermelon, and

Several random cherry tomatoes.

Still waiting for my large green tomatoes to go all red and purple, and I have a few green bell peppers that have yet to mature to their final red, orange, or yellow. But I can be patient. Maybe.