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To Do: Almost There, Yet Not Quite There

We are *SO* close to Spring, and the relative freedom that comes with summer, and yet so.far.away. Not quite close to that freedom, or that carefree-ish life.

Sun and warmth has crept in, and the cold is slowly creeping back to it’s perch. But it’s still here. My walk from the metro just now was, uhhh, brisk. Ankle pants and a pair of flats might have something to do with that, but up here (::points to head::) it’s a balmy 60F and the wind is dead and the sun shines, even at 8:30pm.

But we’re not quite there, are we? We are still practicing the same rote calisthenics of winter–the coat, the warm pants, the sleeves–and huddling inside unless the sun shines brightly and warmly on a convenient day. We still have obligations and un-fun to-do lists to plow through, sowing the seeds for carefree-ish fun times. We are trying, at least.

I’m looking at a work calendar that is, to be frank, not so great looking. I have a complicated or involved program to shepherd each week from now ’til the last week of April, then a week-long trip for work then. And then, like that, with a poof, the students (and their excitement, energy, and optimism) will be off taking finals and leaving for internships or graduation. But I look forward to the break, and the excitement of my “kids” getting on with their lives.

And then, so too will I. I’ll be outside, in the sun, in or near the pool, sipping grapefruit crushes or white wine, with friends and loved ones, and planning for more trips and fun. I’m celebrating my birthday at the end of May. A friend happens to be coming to town the long weekend before, and it looks like Steve and I will be celebrating with an extravagant (!) dinner out the weekend after at MiniBar.

I just have to get there, and enjoy the ride until then.

  • Mail the taxes. I’m ashamed that this took me so long. Last Wednesday morning, I hit the Post Office before work and mailed those suckers off. Man, doing legit errands before work makes you feel great. Invigorated. Whatever, the taxes are done.
  • Again, move the phone from my bedside table. Done, and I’m using the iPad more to read and watch Golden Girls before bed, and nothing else. It’s helped keep the tv off, and the more-advanced phone at bay.
  • Drink more water. I think I drank six 12-oz cups of cold water at work alone, both yesterday and today. And last week. And I hit up the ladies’ room a lot.
  • Meal Planning, with a twist. The planning plus the flexibility? Working out. Having some flexible plans has helped keep things organized but loose.
  • Make a scooter plan. The first step in any solid scooter plan is telling people about said scooter plan (it’s very unlike fight club). I’ve told like 4 people I love about this plan, and they support it. Why haven’t I begun to plan the plan? Well, the roads are still shit, so I’m not going to start before they are ready.
  • CHAPEAU WEEKEND! Hat: arrived! Brunch: booked! Friends: IN! Can’t wait for Chapeau/Meatster 2015!
  • Stop focusing on what to get rid of, focus on what to enjoy. I read the zeitgeisty The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo on Sunday (in 2.5 hours, over 2 cups of coffee) and while I feel pretty good about our clutter/”stuff control” situation, I learned that I should focus on what to keep and what brings me joy rather than what I can purge. Focusing on what to keep and cherish–in stuff and in life–keeps you moving forward, rather than looking back and what you don’t have or don’t want. Very interesting.
  •  Get a pedicure. My feet have also been in hibernation. And they are some ugly ass bears.

Not a lot to do, but a long way to go. I think that I’m at the point in the season where I realize there’s nothing more I can do to egg the change on: I can sit back, do my thing, let it come, and enjoy watching the daffodils crack out of their green shells. Come on, Spring.


To Do: Looks Like We Made It

I sing that song every Friday when I get to work, much to our front desk person’s chagrin. I’m just jazzed it’s Friday, yo!

Except today. Today is Tuesday. But it’s kind of a Friday. Because starting today at 2:30pm, and ending at 9:00am on Monday, January 5th, I have a paid vacation. The whole operation shuts down, and we get paid, and we lose no vacation time. A concept unheard of in my former life as a public servant.

So, it looks like we made it to this wonderful point when we all NEED this break, and we’ll get it.

My vacation plans are relatively non-existent, aside from Christmas and New Year’s Eve. And that is A-OK by me.

What do I have to do, though?

  • Vegetables and grains, not meat. It’s becoming easier and easier to do this without thinking about it. Any meat outside of the one big meat meal each week is a total afterthought or B-note in the meal.
  • Plan outfits for this week to finish strong! I have not planned outfits. I’ve been a coasting-close-to-the-line hot mess instead. Up until this morning, I was fighting a wicked wicked chest and head cold. I was knocked on my ass, to say the least, but I was not going to stay home for the 1.5 days before a 2 week paid vacation because, to this former HR lady, that’s simply suspicious. So off to work I went, in corduroys and a sweatshirt jacket (…yep), to hide in my office and conduct a cacophonous glottal orchestra. Today, I at least wore a sweater. Work wise, though, I’ve finished strong. So.
  • Plan and use my Thursday nights better. Ok, so I didn’t do the long yoga practice last Thursday because I was starting to get sick and the mere idea of downward dogging made me cough and hack. So, I wrapped presents and read instead. Our cable was out, which for us doesn’t mean “no cable TV,” it means “no internet,” which means no audio visual anything. So I had a book I had downloaded to my Kindle, and I read a good chunk of that while Steve was off saving lives being an elf on top of a ladder truck with Santa, throwing candy canes at little kids. The gym in our building reopened and MY is it lovely. It is huge and new and shiny and nice. So, perhaps a little visit there sometime when Steve is gone will be in order.
  • Attack the pre-holiday list. I have some kitchen cleaning to do (Steve cleaned the apartment on Sunday), and some prep work for Thursday’s meal, and some table setting ahead of me. But I have Wednesday off, so that’s that. Heading to the grocery store when it opens tomorrow morning instead of sleeping in.
  • Make another purge pile. There’s always more to rid ourselves of, especially around the holidays. Making another purge pile sounds like a great idea.

I’m so very grateful for this new job and all of the personal and professional joy it has brought me, but it’s time for a short break. I’ll be ready to start again, fresh and re-energized, in the new year.


To Do: Getting in the Spirit

Creeping ever closer to Christmas, I’m noticing that my planning has paid off, and I can simply enjoy the season and get into the spirit! Early shopping, menu planning, and decorating, then; now, I’m just listening to Bing and Nat, crooning away, and munching on candy canes.

We got our tree on Saturday, in my favorite Christmas tradition. Tree Day, if you remember from last year, is bigger in our house than actual Christmas, and this year was a lovely execution. The tree looks beautiful in the space, and I’m thrilled to be able to just sit and enjoy it! By the way, Steve named the tree Herbert. Last year, the tree was a girl, this year, it’s Herbert. Go figure.

tree day

Realizing that I have time to just be this year, I’ve turned my focus back to taking care of myself. Eat better, eat less; move more, move better. That’s the goal. I have been trying to find a yoga studio since we moved, but I don’t have an extra first born child laying around to exchange for a crowded, sweaty class. So, I tried DVDs. I tried videos on Hulu+ and Amazon.

I hated them all.

Until I found this app: It’s $3.99, but SO worth it. So. So. So.

Yoga Studio lets you build your own class, pose by pose, or choose from numerous pre-set classes. They are all HD videos, with good explanations and pacing, and soothing non-obnoxious music. You can schedule classes in your calendar from the app, study new or challenging poses, and generally avoid mortgaging your life to pay for decent yoga. They have a great triple sun salutation class (12 minutes?) that I started my day with today, and it’s already paying dividends. Highly recommended, guys! Stretching and moving and centering my….spirit? was a nice way to start.

Now, onto the To Do list!

  • Start addressing the holiday cards. MAILED! The only exception? The one that has to head off to Australia…that needs a special stamp. I’ll send that tonight when I drop packages at the Post Office.
  • Wait for the rest of the Christmas presents to arrive. ARRIVED! I’m waiting for one small thing to arrive (today!) then it’s all here.
  • Slowly decorate for Christmas. DECORATED! You can see some of the décor in the picture above, but I’ll post more next week.
  • Vegetables and grains, not meat. Mostly did this. I ordered in Indian food twice last week, but only ate vegetarian stuff. My one big exception this week? A very porky brunch at Daikaya in Chinatown yesterday…it was amazing, but I’m back to mostly grains and veg. Lunch today is cous cous (I realized that I could just bring dry cous cous and olive oil to work in a mason jar, mix with boiling water from the dispenser, cover, and five minutes later have lunch).  Leaving it up as a challenge in this week before Christmas (…which involves a lot of meat eating).
  • Plan outfits for this week to finish strong! I have a busy work week ahead, interviewing candidates for a new position. Usually, I’m on the nicer end of business casual, but this week I want to spiff it up for external candidates. No full suit needed, but close. And it’s my last full week before a glorious two week office closure. I figure: if I finish strong, give it all I’ve got between now and Tuesday the 23rd, I can really enjoy my break as it was intended. I need the break now, for sure, but why not adopt a balls to the wall spirit between now and then?
  • Plan and use my Thursday nights better. Steve has EMT overnights on Thursdays, so it’s just me and the pups from 7:30am Thursday through 5:00pm Friday. Of course, I’m at work Thursday and Friday, but that evening, alone, is long. I’m trying to use it productively (wrapping gifts! cleaning my closet!), or completely non-productively (ie: 5 episodes of Gilmore Girls and wine? sure.). I created a 40 minute yoga practice–most of the one I used to do at my studio–in my new yoga app and I’ll do it on Thursday night before diving into some version of food and tv that Steve doesn’t like!


Getting into the spirit in more ways than one this week.