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NDOF, Week One

Ok, we made it through the first week. Lunches were planned and packed, with snacks and more snacks ready to go. I made breakfast every day for myself and sent Steve off with his preferred breakfast, too. Dinners were all made, but not quite planned out. That was the downfall, really. No planning ==> a lot of pasta and white carbs. Not ideal, but delicious. I’ll be a better planner about this in the coming week…

The week was not without temptations, though. The co-worker’s birthday celebration that presented not only doughnuts (my downfall), but also Georgetown Cupcakes: that was a challenge. The plate of cookies that we used to lure in students: that was a challenge. The new cafe at work held a soft opening, wherein they were taking orders and giving out food and beverages for free: that one was a challenge I didn’t win. The iced tea was lovely. Let’s not tell Steve.KellySignatureCard


To Do: Where Did January Go?

How is it already the end of January? My flabbergasted reaction to the passage of time really has to end, but come on.

Last week was super short, and significantly less productive than I had hoped. I came home from work a little early on Wednesday with the beginnings of a migraine, which I was able to sleep off until dinner time. Well, dinner time came, and I was still feeling miserable, and then my stomach started to ache and my back was on fire…so I moaned on the couch while Steve ate his dinner and wondered what type of music I would want at my surely-inevitable funeral (kidding, I think, but I was hurtin’). I did not sleep one single wink all night, as my back and stomach were warring. I stayed home from work on Thursday and slept on heating pads and drank water and chicken/miso broth, until I finally felt a modicum better on Friday morning. I went to work, but hid in my office and did a lot of catch up work. Useless week, I swear.

This weekend, I tried to make up for it and be more productive, which I mostly was. I had a work commitment on Saturday for a few hours, but after that, Steve and I hit Rodman*s and Paul’s and stocked up on the essentials: 5 kinds of beer, 13 bottles of wine, all the liquor, and sriracha sauce. We came home, Steve took the monkeys for a walk, and I put everything away. Then I got my second wind and tore through the rest of my closet, making piles and being a ruthless decluttering machine. I made a delicious dinner, we drank some beer and watched some TV, and that was that. Sunday, Steve had some obligations for the fire department, so while he was gone, I hit my clothing piles again, sorting by brand and weeding out the things that were not savable. I’m going to send a whole bunch of the better stuff–many new with tags or new in box shoes–to ThredUp and Twice, and the rest is getting donated. I’ll update you on what I send and how that goes.

Dinner was a disgusting disaster. I tried to use up some things, but that simply did not work out. Steve was kind, and sincere, when he said “this is a rare miss,” of course only after I was so disgusted that I stopped mid-bite, said “this is terrible,” and proceeded to order out on GrubHub.

That all brings us to a snowy, windy Monday. A fresh, clean, cold start to the last week in January.

  • Renew our passports. Just have to mail everything! This week!!!
  • Cull even more household goods. More piles made this weekend, as mentioned above. I’ll drop it all off this weekend when we head out to the ‘burbs for a housewarming party.
  • Assess closet…again. I detailed this above, but I made some awesome progress here. Once my ThredUp and Twice bags arrive, I’ll send that stuff off (and I’ll share here!). I have identified a few things that need an impartial outside vote–Hala!–mainly two gray suits that are competing for space in my closet. One is charcoal, three pieces (pants, skirt, jacket), and a bit more modern, but the jacket is a one-button deal (I have a huge chest, this does not work) and it’s a relatively cheap suit. The other is a gray pinstripe in a nicer quality material/construction–jacket and skirt only–and the jacket is three button (hallelujah!) and it closes (a minor miracle for the large-of-chest among us). My perceived problem/drawback is that the suit is relatively conservative/square (not boxy, necessarily), but maybe that’s not a drawback?
  • Make a visible list of what we need/want for the apartment. Ok, I found and ordered new living room pillows, and I’m putting the dining room chairs on the back burner. So, this is basically done.
  • Plan and execute a mostly-vegetarian menu this week–lunches and dinners–and stick to it. It usually works when I plan, but I was lazy/trying to be economical and didn’t buy any more food so that I could use up what was in the fridge/pantry. That backfired (see: Sunday dinner disaster). So, I need to hit the grocery store for a few things and make a plan. Right now, it looks like farro-stuffed acorn squash for dinner tonight, a coconut-spinach cream soup on Tuesday, and some bright and tropical cous cous–with a grapefruit vinaigrette and avocado–topped with seared scallops on Wednesday. Beyond that is beyond me.
  • Work out twice in the gym this week, and take the stairs up with the dogs at least three times this week. Two forty-minute blocks of cardio, plus twenty-one flights of stairs…overall, not enough exercise, but I’m also forcing myself to walk to and from the bus/metro this week, barring actual rain, so. It’s a start, especially after last week’s back issues.
  • Listen to podcasts on my commute. Again. I was doing this for a bit, and it was so nice, but I forgot to keep with it. It definitely encourages me to walk home from the bus!
  • Find a raincoat for Steve. Need to locate a classic, stylish, non-belted, knee-length slim macintosh for him, replacing a massive oversized dated trench that will get donated. Budget: under $100.

Ok, I think I can round out January now. Hopefully, my ThredUp and Twice bags come this week, and I can make a dent in my closet progress. Then, the fun can begin: organizing what’s left, taking stock, and seeing what kind of space we gain back (that we will not fill!).


Time Flies…When You Can’t Tell Time /ToDo

Anyone else find it a tad ironic that my last post was about the clocks changing and my less-than-stellar time telling abilities…and then I fall off the face of the earth? I do. I was put in my place when I navigated to my last post and saw how braggy I was about my time management skillz.


So, I’m back after two weeks off. The first week off, my parents were still in town and that was my priority, of course. Then last week, well, I plum forgot. So this week, I’m a day late and several dollars short (life story) but here I am. And I have things to do!

A recap, then some baby steps in the right direction.

  • Eat more vegetables. Ok, when my parents were in town, I forgot what a vegetable was. Then last weekend, I was treated to two fantastic pork-laden dinners at friends’ houses (three, actually, if I count reuben egg rolls and freezer pizza on Friday night…!), so I’m like “veggies….veggies…what are those?” This week, though, I’ve been good about eating mostly vegetarian. I have pork chops planned for dinner (except, being back on Weight Watchers after the aporkalypse, I’m eating half tonight and half for lunch tomorrow), and there is chicken planned for dinner Friday. But otherwise, heavy on the veg.
  • Find a 10 minute warm up workout to get me going in the morning. I did this for a week, then stopped, but will start it up again. Just something to get the blood moving again, and to sneak in a tiny tiny tiny workout.
  • Buy snacks for the week, and rely on them. Breakfast this week is half a whole grain naan, toasted, with labne and za’atar, and a side of raspberries. Snack is hummus/naan, and raspberries, but not together (ew).
  • Tailoring! My black wool wrap coat will be done getting chopped on Thursday, but I still haven’t touched my trench coats or Steve’s poor shirt.
  • No major grocery shopping until after the holiday. This sounds like a bad idea, I know, because food. But aside from a few little things, I have everything we’ll need to get us through until Wednesday lunch. We are driving to RI with the two dogs on Wednesday night because we’re idiots because we have seriously no choice, so that will be fun.
  • More water. A glass before my first coffee, and a glass either before or instead of my second coffee, then one with lunch, then one with snack/afternoon break, then when I get home, then dinner, then after. Aside from the two morning cups around my coffee, this is my usual. That’s seven, and it’s doable.
  • Start planning Christmas. I started, don’t hate. Holiday greeting cards are safely at home, awaiting addresses and stamps; extra garland has been ordered and awaits hanging in December; gifts have begun to be ordered and the list is done (I just need more money). Holiday open house plans are still up in the air because of scheduling, but we’ll do something!

Getting back on track is hard, with goals, and lists, and health, but it’s all doable with enough motivation. I should add “find motivation” to the list…