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To Do: Don’t be a Turkey

Whoa, how is it the week of Thanksgiving already?! I mean, where the eff did this year go?! It was just Easter, I swear…now, I’m facing down a Thanksgiving Eve drive from DC to RI with two dogs and a million fellow travelers. Funzies. We’ll do Thanksgiving Day with my parents, leftovers for lunch with Steve’s mom on Friday, my 10 year high school reunion Friday night, and my niece’s 5th birthday on Saturday. Action packed, but there’s a lot to do before then.

  • Find a 10 minute warm up workout to get me going in the morning. Didn’t do it this past  week, will probably not do it this week, but the week after, yes.
  • Tailoring! My black wool wrap coat is done and it’s glorious. Steve’s shirt is now out of season, and missing a button, so I can take it off the front burner 😉
  • No major grocery shopping until after the holiday. Except for some last minute pick-ups, we are all set!
  • More water. I was happily able to do this. I even replaced my second cup of coffee with water every day last week, except for Friday. A Friday morning staff meeting is the perfect reason for the second cup…!
  • Eat salad for dinner Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday nights. Ok, so admittedly salad for dinner on Wednesday may be difficult…we’re driving then, but at least something healthyish! A wrap and some celery sticks?
  • Pack for this weekend. I have gifts to bring, a crock pot that is getting re-homed, the suitcase that never sold, and then there’s all the stuff I actually need for me. Steve is doing laundry tonight so this should be easier once I have clean clothes.


The mad dash to the holiday is on…yikes!


To Do: Fall Back (Right? Time is Confusing)

We set the clocks back an hour this weekend in a move that never ceases to confound me. I don’t get Daylight Savings Time–and not just in the “we’re not an agrarian society!” way–because I can’t exactly tell time. I’m a 28.5 year old professional with a terminal degree, and reading a clock is so damn confusing for me. When I took my bar exams, I had to buy a $6 analog watch, mark off 15 minute segments with a Sharpie, and then reset it at the end of every section…because I surely could not tell you what time it was and how much I had left while also graphing out a restrictive covenants question.

Despite this long-held deficiency, I am able to manage my time relatively well. I couldn’t tell you what time it is, but I can tell you exactly how long it should take me to do X,Y, and Z and when it needs to be done in relation to tasks 1, 2, and 3. I’m good.

So, was I able to do everything I set out to do last week?

  • Eat more vegetables. We ate a lot more veggies than the week before, but still not enough. I had a work event late into Tuesday, so it was ubiquitous Banquet Chicken and Cake for me, then on Thursday, I ordered out because it was late and Steve wasn’t home and I was busy cooking the dogs dinner so I couldn’t do my own (yes, you read that right). I ordered from a Greek place, though, so there were veggies to be had. Although, when I requested “extra vegetables” on my souvlaki dish, they literally cut an onion in half and seared it, then put that on top. Um, no. So, it’s staying on here, in the hopes that this week sees more veggies all around.
  • Pack a lunch at least 3 days this week. I did this, even if I failed to eat one of the lunches I brought because of a scheduling thing. That lunch–the leftover Greek–is today’s lunch.
  • Connect with my parents about their upcoming trip. We have a plan, people!
  • Sell one of our huge suitcases on our building’s listserv. Oh my lawd. I unpacked the front closet yesterday in an effort to take inventory of our luggage/bags, and to pick which of the two suitcases would go. I picked one, photographed it, and posted it to the listserv, but now I have to wait (but I’m still crossing this off!). But that’s not all: I uncovered a duffle bag hoarding situation in our closet, and I eradicated it swiftly. A new donation pile has been made, comprised of two backpacks, three duffle bags, several sweatshirts and random clothes, and a winter coat that I love but the zipper is hopelessly broken and honestly not worth repairing.
  • Plan my outfits for the week. This! This is my new favorite thing! All last week, I was able to get up, have my coffee and listen to the radio with the dogs, leisurely get ready, then simply pull the appointed outfit down from a hook and get dressed: no thinking, no mulling, no “I have nothing to wear!”-ing. As a result, I think I looked great last week 😉 This week, the same: last night, I took 5 minutes to pull together some outfits and hang them up. On Wednesday, when I’m out of outfits, I’ll pick for Thursday and Friday and be done!
  • Find a 10 minute warm up workout to get me going in the morning. I have no delusions that a 10 minute workout in my pj’s will turn me from the blob to a bombshell: I’m not an idiot, you see. But I do know that just getting myself moving ever so slightly in the morning makes me wake up, gets my mind going for the day, and it eases my creaky old person joints into the day more gently. A few crunches, push-ups, wall sits, and squats–no mountain climbers or burpees or whateverthefucks–will do. Seems to entertain Agnes, too, who takes it as an opportunity to hop on me and play jungle gym. She’s a terrible workout companion (face licking attacks during yoga poses, for example). Plus, I have all this serene, new-found time in the morning thanks to my outfit planning…plan.
  • Buy snacks for the week, and rely on them. This morning, I had approximately 9 minutes to kill before my bus to work. Just enough time to run into Whole Foods and scoop up some breakfast and snack foods for the week! I grabbed a small tub of Fage 2% (the 0% is just too bracing–the 2% tastes like sour cream), a big tray of raspberries, a tray of pre-cut celery, a pack of Persian cucumbers, a tub of lemon hummus, and a few scoops of bulk low fat strawberry raspberry granola. Most of these things are low or no points, so I should have little trouble getting back to my Weight Watchers-ing. I’ve been terrible about it, given our traveling and the weather and work, but I can be better!
  • Tailoring! I’m one of those people with enough clothing to have a pile of crap that needs to get dry cleaned, another pile that needs mending or tailoring, and a backlog of laundry. It’s probably not good. But, with my push to have less and have nicer stuff, I’m finding that I can’t go as long with these piles. And Steve’s falling into this, too: the shirt with the very very loose button that I promised I’d sew back on? In a ball in my closet, with the buttons from my trench coats (…3) that have fallen off (Dear trench coat makers: please dear god sew those buttons on better, you idiots). I can do this while watching TV after dinner, so I should. I sent two pairs of new corduroys to the tailor in the building for hemming, because I am not a giant (Dear Banana Republic or whoever: I am 5’7″ tall, I should not have to hack off several inches from your “regular” length pants.) but rather a normal height person. The one thing lingering over my head? My “bathrobe coat,” as Steve calls it. It’s an ankle length black wool/cashmere blend wrap coat and I love it, but it has to get chopped to knee length to work with my commute now. A visit, in person, to the tailor is in order…!

The parents arrive mid-day on Friday, so I’ll meet them after work for a drink then bring them home for dinner. The dogs are way too excited to see them…and vice versa, I’m sure.


To Do: Trick or Treat?

Sorry for radio blog silence. Last week was crazy hectic, and while this week won’t be any better (fact: it will be worse) I figured a little accounting of my to do list would be helpful. First the treat, then the trick, then the list

We spent this past weekend at a gorgeous mountain home in West Virginia with our friends. The drive was beautiful, if a bit harrowing (West Virginia, land of hairpin turns and 9% graded dirt roads!), and the view from the house was even better. Sunset over the mountains? Works for me.

wv sunset

We stopped at a winery in western Northern Virginia (…northwest Virginia, I guess) on our way back yesterday, and then picked up the pups from their dog sitter, and then we crashed. Lounging, drinking, and soaking up nature can be exhausting, yo. What a treat.

The rest and relaxation was much needed: this week will be brutal, the trick portion of the week. In addition to my usual appointments and obligations, I have three major events I am involved in, two of which I am running (not simply attending…running). Steve has EMT stuff several nights this week, and it’s Halloween on Friday. My plans for Halloween? Dress up as the tired lady whose husband is at EMT Class, and who drinks wine, with dogs in skeleton costumes. Spooky for sure.

  • Drop my caramel leather boots at the cobbler. Done! The drycleaner/tailor in the building said she could do it, and she did! In a week! For next to nothing! So happy to have these back.
  • Eat more vegetables. Meh, I wasn’t awesome with this last week, but I can be better this week. Now that winter squashes are back, this should be easier.
  • Clean kitchen! Done. Sure, it’s in a constant state of cleanliness flux, but it’s on a clean swing now.
  • Pack a lunch at least 3 days this week. Did it last week, and I did it today, so let’s see if I can keep it up.
  • Connect with my parents about their upcoming trip. They are coming down for a long weekend soon, so we should chat about what they want to see/do, and we need to make reservations now.
  • Sell one of our huge suitcases on our building’s listserv. We have two massive, check-in sized suitcases. Problem is, we never use them. Who the hell checks luggage anymore?! Not us, no way. If I can’t carry it on and either fit it under the seat in front of me or in the overhead bin, I don’t need it. They are really only helpful for moving, but I’m not gonna hold onto them just for that. That’s what boxes are for. So, one will go, and one will stay “just in case.”
  • Plan my outfits for the week. Steve kindly installed three hooks for me in the dressing area outside my closets. Now, I can plan outfits on hangers, hang them up, observe them (and make any changes if things look “off”), and then poof, there they are, ready for me when I have to get dressed in the morning. I used them once last week, and it was so easy to get dressed that way. This week, I have no time to dilly dally, so tonight, I’m outfit planning.


I totally did this week in reverse: the treat first, then the trick. My logic was “enjoy the treat to get through the trick,” but I’m now thinking that this weekend I’ll be treating myself, too! Darn. KellySignatureCard