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To Do: The Longest Haul

So here it is, the longest haul. The stretch between Martin Luther King Jr. Day weekend and Memorial Day. No time off, five day work weeks, work work work. It’s always a slog. And a bummer.

This year, I have a few little things breaking up the time. A day off in February to get admitted to the United States Supreme Court bar, some hours off in April (hopefully!) for Chapeau Weekend and some days off for a work trip, and then it’s May. May, I can do. By May, school is winding down (therefore work is shifting), the weather cooperates, and I can see Memorial Day weekend–and my birthday!–in sight. But still, it’s a long time.

And so I break up the time into little chunks–I think we call them “weeks”–and just deal with those, one unit–“day,” I believe–at a time. Snark aside, I have to look at it that way. I’m baffled enough as to what day and month it is…EXHIBIT A: the absence of last week’s To Do post. Oops, I had no idea it was Monday (also, work was insane). So today–Tuesday, not Monday–I’ll catch you up, and we can look forward.

  • Renew our passports. We got photos yesterday–Monday–before heading downtown for brunch, so I can finally send everything off! I’ll cross this off when the applications are mailed.
  • Menu plan for this week, with a focus on vegetarian mainsThe menu I planned here a few weeks back was a hit. Well, I think that’s a generous over statement with regard to the tofu (Steve ate it but asked me to please not serve it to him again. Fair!). Last week was a mostly-vegetarian dinner and lunch week, too, and it’s easier than I thought it would be. Because I “allow” eggs, fish, or a touch (1oz or less) of salami or bacon, it’s working out. Not missing much. This week? Simple mushroom udon soup and salad for dinner tonight, maybe some broccoli cheese pasta later in the week…then I probably need to go shopping. I’m trying to only make pasta once a week; I don’t want to load up on worse-for-you simple carbs just because I can’t have a slab of meat (…which we wouldn’t do anyway).
  • Hit the gym twice a week. We did this Week One, ellipticalling (yes, it’s a word…now) and tread milling and biking our way to Jan Plan success. Week Two, our schedules kept us from getting together twice, so we met once and worked out on our own the other day. This week, two nights in the gym! On the days when I go to the gym, my FitBit steps are double my usual goal (modestly set at 7500).
  • Keep up with my Cook’s One Line a Day diary. This has been a fun one. While I don’t always remember to make an entry at the end of each day, I’m finding that the reflection and awareness of what I’ve eaten, who with, where, etc. has been nice.
  • Cull even more household goods. I’m not planning anything, I swear. I know this time last year, we knew we’d end up leaving our house–not sure where to at that point–for an apartment somewhere, so I began a massive purge. And I suppose I never got over it! It’s refreshing to pare down and pick only the things that we love, that make us happy, and that we need or would need to replace/would be more expensive to replace. I have a stack of things on my dining room table right now that can go: drapes that I swore I’d hang here (…I love not having drapes here with these big windows!); a random set of sheets that has seen whiter, squarer days; four placemats that, while lovely, are not really our style anymore and can serve someone else better; a few books that I read and seriously don’t need to keep. I’ll probably go through the kitchen soon and see what’s bogging me down in there (honestly, probably won’t be much).
  • Assess closet…again. As I posted a while back, my wardrobe is also in perpetual cull mode. There are some things that are easy: I hate it (it goes), I love it (it stays), it doesn’t fit and never will (it goes), it’s so far out of style, despite my feelings toward it (it goes), I haven’t worn it in forever (it goes). But what about the stuff that I simply like, that fits or is close, and/or the style status of the piece is undetermined? Enter: the honest best friend. I’m too close to the problem, as I like to say, to make a judgment, so I need Hala to come and say Yay or Nay and let it be final. In order to do that, I really need to corral the middling pieces. I have a feeling that I’m going to have fewer shoes at the end of this…!
  • Make a visible list of what we need/want for the apartment. Don’t get me wrong: just because I’m in cull mode doesn’t mean that I don’t want to or need to shop. Some of the things getting culled need replacements. Somethings, too, just need a refresh. I want to re-pillow the living room (old pillows will probably be moved to my office) in a new color scheme, I’m considering new dining room chairs…nothing is decided.

This is a short week (well, it’s the regular length but I’m all kerbobbled with time) so I have to make it count. Aside from a short work obligation on Saturday, I’m plan-less this weekend. I foresee a lot of time in my closet then…!

To Do: Back to School Again

I work in an academic setting now. And summer is basically over, if you ask me. Ok, it’s still going strong in actual real weather terms, but the students are back on campus in earnest this week, and orientation is next week. Classes start that last week of August. So it’s sort of this weird back to school vibe over here, except I’m not a student this time. It’s very strange. I still want to gather my sharpened pencils, get a new lunch box, and plan my first day of school outfit. But not quite yet…I’m still in my summer mindset.

This week is about transitioning back, I guess. I have two days this week that require me to be at work about an hour earlier than normal, and I have a few big at work events. But around that, it’s the same, and I need some room to make the transition back. Cooking dinner, packing lunch, trying my hardest to get some activity worked into my routine…these are all important this week. As such, you’ll see that several of my goals remain or have been tweaked a bit.

  • Buy two large scale house plants–trees!–for the apartment. I’m just terrible. This has to come down and then, of course, I’ll accidentally do it.
  • Read my new book, The Elements of Cooking. I’m in the middle of “P” and will probably finish this during my commutes today and tomorrow.
  • Focus on light, interesting, colorful meals this week. I have all the tools for this–great colorful carrots and cherry tomatoes and lettuces–so let’s go. Keeping this one up here.
  • Walk home from work at least twice this week. I was only able to do this once last week, due to afterwork schedules and obligations. And it was pretty great. The weather happened to be a bit cooler than usual so I wasn’t a hot swampy mess. I changed into some workout clothes before I left, just to be sure (and who needs to sweat through linen pants? nobody that’s who), and made sure to bring my favorite earbuds so I could rock out on my way home. Now, I’ll do this again this week, so I’m leaving this up. This week, though, I’ll start using my FitBit again…see below.
  • Make a hair appointment…! MADE! I have to wait a little longer than I had hoped (I had wanted to get this done before school formally started) but I am just happy to have the appointments made, and made back to back on one day. The last time I had my hair did, I had to have two appointments, one week apart, given the nature of a keratin treatment. This time, because my hair is much closer to the length it will be in the end (last time, I cut off about 6-8 inches of hair, this time, maybe 1 or 2?) they don’t need that waiting period and the keratin will take a much shorter time.
  • Go to bed and fall asleep without TV or electronics. This is admittedly pretty easy for me now, as I gave up the phone in the bedroom a few weeks back, and since we don’t have cable, it’s too labor intensive to pick something and let it run its course while I fall asleep. But I buckled and subscribed to Hulu+ this weekend…and the temptation to catch up on our shows/watch all the tv has been hard to resist. For example: for approximately 4.5 hours on Saturday, I plopped in front of the TV and caught up on The Mindy Project. And yesterday, we watched an entire season of Parks and Rec. We got so hungry that we made waffles and Steve ran out for whipped cream at 8:30pm…thanks, Leslie Knope/Lester Knopf.
  • Eat dinner from a salad plate, unless its a salad. Yeah, portion control is hard, y’all. It doesn’t help that I have all the plates (I like variety). I have dinner plates, salad plates, gigantic buffet plates (those rarely get used), and massive salad/pasta plawls (thats a plate/bowl?) like you would get in a restaurant. And usually, if we’re having a salad, I reach for the massive plawls. Problem is, I reach for those most of the time…they are way easier to eat from when/if we are eating at the couch (classy, guys!), but they are also MASSIVE and contain large piles of pasta or other bad things. So, salad plate, unless salad, then plawl. And, let’s be real: eat at the damn table, you heathen.
  • Resurrect my FitBit from the dead. We did a pedometer challenge at work, and had to wear their pedometer, so I got so fed up being covered in pedometers that I stopped wearing both. And my poor FitBit has been sitting, dead, on my dresser, for about 6 weeks. I need to plug it in and recharge it, and start wearing it again. Those metrics are a helpful reminder–a nudge, almost–to keep walking.

Trying so hard to avoid bursting into song…that Back to School number from Grease II has been stuck in my head. What’s on your back to school list?