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To Do: Go Green!

Nope, not a post about my budding environmentalism.

It’s Saint Patrick’s Day week! Yes, a whole week. And I feel awkward pimping out this holiday for the sake of a blog post title, but there it is. Why? Because I actually *am* Irish, and while I love the enthusiasm with which people celebrate the holiday–Irish or not–I have to chuckle a bit. Ladies at parades: not a whole lot of sexy leprechauns in Ireland, FYI…not a whole lot of sexy going on anywhere in Ireland at the time of Saint Patrick, for that matter (people who live in soddies probably smell, ya know?). But yes! Celebrate! Be Irish for the day! Then you’ll go back to being Polish or Italian or Thai tomorrow. Just like I do on….Diwali? Cinco de Mayo? I dunno, I can’t think of another cultural holiday we all celebrate with as much vigor. Go us!

The “green” part also refers to the greening of the season, finally. I actually saw a CROCUS yesterday. A legit FLOWER. Coming out of the GROUND. OUTSIDE. I almost cried tears of joy, but my Uber driver would have given me four stars instead of five so I didn’t. These are actual thoughts I had.

So I’ll enjoy the holiday and the greening this week, but I’m also looking forward to Saturday. Saturday is our one year anniversary of the move to DC (also, my sister’s birthday!). We’ll celebrate with a dinner out, and reflect on the past year and plan the coming year. We’ve already got a lot to do: some work events and travel throughout the year, our trip to London and Paris in June, summer rooftop pool times, our five year wedding anniversary in September (…complete with a trip to the Bahamas that we conceived and planned then booked in about one hour, on Saturday…hungover), heading home for Thanksgiving, and Christmas here in DC again. Finding other things with which to punctuate our lives has been challenging but fun, for sure.

What to do this week?

  • Get back to outfit planning. I have a week of green outfits ahead of me! Today is a green long-sleeved top with camel herringbone pants,  gold, orange, and green jewelry, and my big plaid blanket scarf. Tomorrow, I’ll break out my green peplum ponte dress, ivory lace blazer, and golden kitten heels. Beyond that, I’ll have to look at the weather again. But green, definitely. I’m thinking I’ll throw my yellow pencil skirt into the mix, too…
  • Mail the taxes. Just gotta mail them! I’ll drop them at the FedEx store on my way home Wednesday night. I ask myself “why is this so hard?!” and then I remember it is because the US Post Office has the worst, most inconvenient hours, despite being a wonderful service. So FedEx it is!
  • Again, move the phone from my bedside table. Have not done this, but I’ve tried to be better about it. Moving the plug tonight when I get home.
  • Drink more water. Working on it. I drank a ton of plain seltzer last week, but I feel like that only half counts (…half of it is air?). I’m trying to get back into the habit of drinking a full glass of water–16 ounces–before my coffee, which has helped me feel better overall. It just gets you going and awake–and hydrated–before the caffeine has a chance to creep in. I recommend it.
  • Meal Planning, with a twist. Man, this is simultaneously easy and hard. I can plan all I want, and as long as I buy what I need and stick with the planned meals, I’m good. But then good weather happens and your friends invite you for drinks/apps at their place and you of course want to go, so you shove the planned meal off for another day. I’m fine with that, to be clear, but I have to remember to just GO with it, rather than being chained up by it. I did plan for the week, I have a great selection of meals, and best of all: I can be a bit flexible. Go me.
  • Make a scooter plan. The weather is getting nicer, and the roads are getting swept over the next few weeks. Soon, the sand and salt and crazy potholes will be gone (or at least mitigated), and you’ll see people out on their scooters and motorcycles. I hope to be one of those people, soon enough. I need to work out a schedule of sorts for me to practice the scooter, and to find excuses to ride it up the hill or to our friends’ new place just through the neighborhood (main roads are scary!), and eventually to work. I’m a ‘fraidy cat when it comes to risky things (I blame law school and working in two personal injury/insurance firms), but I need to get the ‘eff over it.
  • CHAPEAU WEEKEND! Ok, so this isn’t so much a “to do” as it is a “holy shit, that’s soon, you guys!” I mean, I do have to get a hat, and we need a brunch reservation, but still. Mostly just on here because I’m excited.

Wish me luck this week as I jig through my to do list…! What do you need to do this week, or beyond?



#JanPhotoADay Project, Week One

As I mentioned in my post last week, I’m trying to stay engaged with this medium by participating a photoblogging project called January Photo A Day. It’s actually an old hashtag blogging thing, from 2012, but many people are still participating in it. I don’t really care about that; I care more about the fact that it’s forcing me to look for things during the day, document them, and stay engaged creatively. It’s like an Instagram scavenger hunt.

I’ve been posting my photos daily on Instagram (@knobleg529) with the hashtag #janphotoaday, but here is week one all together.

image1Day One: Self. Or You, or whatever. As I mentioned in my first post, this was me at literally 11:59pm, when I remembered I was doing this. I was tired, and makeupless, and ashambles, but I remembered.

image2Day Two: Breakfast. I was still on vacation at this point, so I had the time and resources to make a lovely little broccoli egg and cheese scramble situation, with two cups of coffee, and a dollop of crème fraiche. It was a nice way to use up that tiny, almost-limp head of broccoli…!


Day Three: Something You Adore. I adore–love!–these two, of course. But the “something” here is their friendship, independent of me. That’s my best friend and my husband, and they are friends too, and I adore that fact. Also, we were very drunk. So. There’s that.


Day Four: Letterbox. Ok, this is a bit on the nose, yes? It’s the mail chute in my midcentury apartment building. It’s a great old relic, and it’s fun to use (seriously, almost as much fun as the trash chute!). But this picture is terrible and boring. I could have been more creative here, but you know what? I didn’t feel like leaving the house.


Day Five: What I Wore. Specifically, what I wore on my first day back to work after an almost two-week vacation. It was chilly out, and chilly in my office (I knew it would be), and I wanted to start strong, and I wanted to wear my new earrings that the dogs gave me for Christmas (….yes, the dogs). Pardon the craphole photo, but I’m off my #ootd game.


Day Six: Makes Me Smile. What is it that makes me smile? LUNCH, that’s what. This was a vegetarian cheese”steak” grinder that I had ordered the day before, and it was pretty damn good. Imagine mushrooms, peppers, and hot pickle-y things, congealed with “cheese” in a hot roll. Delicious. Smile, I did.


Day Seven: Favorite. I am addicted to my purple legal pads. I don’t know where I got that–my old job, maybe?–but I love them, and I am very protective of them. And that pen? It’s not my favorite brand or style or whatever, but the exact one in my office that I reach for every time. It’s a cheapo thirty-nine cent Bic stick pen, and it will die eventually (probably during a meeting or phone call, such is life), but right now, it’s winning for favorite.

Next Wednesday, I’ll recap the coming seven days. Hope you are enjoying this ridiculous project–I’m surprised I am.


Transitioning to the Land of Less

My closet has recently undergone a transition. In fact, it’s ongoing.

This is not just about changing from Summer to Winter, white linens to camel corduroy. This is about the year-long flux my closet has been in, ever since deciding to move to the city and to a life with less stuff.

Now, by normal standards (certainly by Steve’s standards…!), I have a lot of clothes. And shoes. And decorative accessories, and whatnots. I probably always will. But I have a lot less than I used to.

It’s not just about moving from a three-story suburban house with endless storage to a pied a terre less than half that size. It’s not about my weight (for once!). A lot of it is about realizing that the kind of life  we want requires less stuff and is indeed made easier–facilitated by, even–having less stuff.

We want smaller space, a central location, less time at home, more “better” stuff and less “meh” stuff, and the ease to pick it all up and move if we want to. Having one hundred and twenty five pairs of shoes makes that hard. Having a mere sixty or seventy? Do-able.

Being in a city has changed things, too. No car? No elaborate wardrobe, just-so hair, sky high heels, long sweeping coat, massive purse. Relying on–and preferring–the Metro, bus, and good ole’ walking has resulted in a necessary shift to classic, clean, and interesting outfits, simple hair that can be fixed once you arrive, practical stylish outerwear (…inevitable rain), a larger tote bag into which a small crossbody purse lives (along with my lunch), and commuter shoes. Hideous commuter shoes. But still. I am now one of those people who I never understood before: one of those people with like four pairs of shoes in her office.

No longer needing a suit one-two times a week, I’m now happily in the land of dresses and separates. So the eighteen suits I moved down here, not knowing where I’d be working or what I’d need to wear, have slowly been culled to ten. And they’ll probably get whittled to five or seven.

I was never, ever a sweats person, and I still am not! But I am even less so now. Running tights/leggings are my go-to lounge around pants, paired with a stylish tee or tunic or oversized but nice sweater. If I need to run up the hill for milk or grab an Uber to Hala’s in the rain for a night of tv and wine, that’s the default. I own maybe two or three pairs of jeans right now, and I’ll probably lose one of those because I don’t need a thousand options: I need one or two. Even my PJs haven’t been spared…I mean seriously, who needs all these things in the guise of options?! I’m learning…not me.

I’m not now living off of a capsule wardrobe or a monochromatic minimalist wardrobe, and I certainly haven’t been on any sort of ridiculous shopping bans. No. I’ve been increasing my stash in some areas. Jewelry and scarves, for example, have become an inexpensive, small, but powerful way to transform the reduced wardrobe, so naturally I’ve been adding there. It helps when your best friend sells excellent jewelry… 😉 I’m working on upping my blazer game, too, now that the reliance on suits has decreased. Flats and commuter shoes–preferably, non-hideous–are always on my radar. I’ve also amassed an appropriately large array of raingear, too.

This mindset has been hard to keep to, honestly, this time of year. Everything is on sale, it seems. And I find myself saying “Self, that’s a great deal! You should buy it!”

But I haven’t, which is huge. Aside from a few pencil skirts to replace some dated ones, I’m over shopping for myself right now.

In this season of “more is more,” I’m wanting less and less, and living with what I have. Living with it, yes, but also loving the process.