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To Do: Spring is…Here?!

With the wonderful passing of Chapeau Weekend (“Easter” to the uninitiated) this past weekend, Spring is officially here. In my mind, actual real legit Spring starts on/after Easter. And boy, is the weather cooperating. Well, mostly.

Easter itself was sunny and warm (albeit a bit windy), perfect for chapeau wearing and outdoor day drinking. Yesterday–Monday–was 75F and sunny and glorious, and I walked both to and from work. Today is low to mid 70s, but humid and threatening rain/thunder all day, so the bus had to do. But walking to/from work took the same amount of time as waiting for the bus, riding the bus, and then walking home from the bus, so as long as the weather holds out (and by “holds out” I mean “isn’t an intolerable swampy DC mess”) I’ll aim to walk to work and back a few times a week.

My power meal prep of two weekends ago was super helpful last week–we ate nutritious easy lunches and dinners every day!–but it didn’t hold up this week, because we spent the weekend reveling. So, a little prep tonight is in order, as is trying to use up some of the more random things in my fridge.

So, the list!

  • Make a scooter plan. The roads are looking significantly better, so perhaps I’ll brave a quick parking lot lesson this weekend. Baby steps scoots.
  • Stop focusing on what to get rid of, focus on what to enjoy. This is hard, but I’m progressing. I’m trying to look at it this way (specifically with re: my closet): the crap that I’m ambivalent or meh about is blocking my way–literally–to the clothes I like. Or, the meh stuff is giving me too many choices when I simply don’t want or need them. I don’t need three meh green dresses, I need one great one. So, the process of culling the closet goes along. It’s helped me to see the true holes in my closet and fill those, and only those, with purpose.
  •  Get a pedicure. This weekend, seriously. I’ve been avoiding slingbacks this week, and I can’t do that much longer.
  • Weekly meal prep. Prepping the steps for a great meal has been helpful: roasting some chicken thighs and lean pork, cooking a big batch of a whole grain, having chopped and portioned veggies and cheese on hand, hard boiling eggs at the beginning of the week. I can prep some good lunch parts tonight for the rest of the week, but this should really be a Sunday morning task.
  • Round up donations and drop off at Opp Shop. I have a huge pile of clothes–mine and Steve’s–that needs to go, but unfortunately we’ve accumulated a larger pile on top of that of stuff that simply needs to get put away. So, I need to do that. And I need to pull out summer-ish stuff, finally. I think the fleece-lined leggings have seen their last wear this year…!

This, I realize, is all “To Do” items and no “Done!” items. Which is motivating and a bit daunting, for real. But none of these items is world-stoppingly-important, so that’s nice. But I still should do them!

Off to do!

To Do: Valentine’s Day Week (It’s Like Birthday Week)

I have no idea why I named this blog post after Valentine’s Day. We’re not huge celebrators of the day, though we usually give it a nod, so don’t get the idea that I’ve strung hearts up everywhere and dipped everything in chocolate. I have not.

It’s just, you know, Valentine’s Day is this week, I’m struggling for a name, bada bing.

  • Renew our passports. MAILED!
  • Work out twice in the gym this week, and take the stairs up with the dogs at least three times this week. Stairs twice, gym once, let’s call it good. Ongoing goal, here.
  • Listen to podcasts on my commute. Again. Nope. Try again later.
  • Find a raincoat for Steve. Found! Gotta love 6PM.COM. I found a really great slim-fit, actually-rain-proof Merrell trench for $65.
  • Commit to “No Eating Out February.” So far, so good. Meals are planned for this week and we’re not sad about not being able to grab whatever whenever. Ok, I’m sad about it a little bit (Chipotle just smells so good when I’m walking home in the cold…) but I’ll survive!
  • Finish sending stuff to Twice and ThredUp. Waiting for responses, and I have a final Twice bag. Not enough to send it off yet, but there’s no real rush.
  • Assess under-bed storage. Ok, I think that the sheets and blankets will fit nicely under there, just need to make the switch. This week!
  • Begin to map out our London/Paris/Normandy trip! We booked our flights and hotels for our trip to London, Paris, and Normandy this June. We’ll have about four days in each city, and a day trip out to Normandy, so it’s plenty of time to see, eat, and enjoy the cities. We’re trying to figure out what to do/eat in each place, and that’s fun. I’ve been to London (once for a week, once for a month-long internship in law school), so that’s old hat for me, but Paris and I haven’t seen each other in over ten years (and then, it was only for two rushed days!). I don’t actually speak French, though I can fumble my way through with a convincing accent, so I’ll be brushing up on my sil vous plaits and what nots.
  • Find something productive for Sundays. Steve has his EMT class three times a week now: Tuesday evening, Thursday evening (before his overnight), and Sunday, all day. Aside from meal planning and packing, I need to find something to do on Sundays. I mean, watching Golden Girls on Amazon Prime, in my PJs with coffee and (later) wine until he gets home is a thing to do, but not exactly the ideal thing to do. Cooking is an option, as is a long walk with the dogs as the weather improves…

Do you have plans for Valentine’s Day? Right now, our plans look like a roasted rabbit and a bottle of wine. And that works for me.

To Do: Deflate This

As you know, we are huge New England Patriots fans. So, of course, this is a happy Monday for us. That, friends, was an amazing game all around, from both teams, and it came down to the wire. Go ahead and try to deflate our pride now!

And all of a sudden, it’s February. It’s a short month–a mere twenty-eight days–but I somehow have a ton to do this month. I flipped my calendar today, and WHOA it’s busy. A haircut tomorrow (just a trim/shape, really), Steve starts his EMT class three times a week, I have several programs at work, we’re hosting an engagement gathering for close friends, and my parents are coming to town during the last week to see me get admitted to the United States Supreme Court Bar. To pull this off, planning is in order. Let’s see where I left off and what I have to do this week.

  • Renew our passports. Good lord, I just need to mail these things. Envelopes, stamps, GO!
  • Plan and execute a mostly-vegetarian menu this week–lunches and dinners–and stick to it. Ok, this was do able, and I’m doing it again this week. So, the Super Bowl totally makes it hard to eat healthfully, and with the leftovers, we’re still chained to bar food…but I hope that’s all gone tonight! I sat down on Saturday night after a trip to the market and planned out a menu for the week.
  • Work out twice in the gym this week, and take the stairs up with the dogs at least three times this week. Ok, I did the stairs with the dogs three times, and the gym zero times. Hala was not feeling well, I was busy one of our usual days (and am this week, too! Boo!), so this week, we’ll see where we are with it. Keeping this up–along with the dog goals–because they need it too.
  • Listen to podcasts on my commute. Again. Didn’t do this. Not any of the days. But I was listening to them at home rather than watching TV…does that count? No.
  • Find a raincoat for Steve. Need to locate a classic, stylish, non-belted, knee-length slim macintosh for him, replacing a massive oversized dated trench that will get donated. Budget: under $100.
  • Commit to “No Eating Out February.” We’re not eating out this month. Not for dinner, not lunch, not take out, not ordering in, not happy hour, not nothin’. Unless it was already planned–so, mostly that last week of February when we have some fun planned–we’re not adding to it. The money we save (as determined by the average of the last three months of dining out expenses) will get deposited into our Vacation Fund!
  • Finish sending stuff to Twice and ThredUp. My bags did indeed arrive, and I sent off one each to Twice and ThredUp this week. I ended up ordering one more bag from each company because I couldn’t fit all my stuff in their admittedly very large bags! Once I get my first responses from them with estimates, what they’ll accept, etc., I’ll do a little recap for you.
  • Assess under-bed storage. We have two slim profile storage containers under our queen-sized bed, and they are currently empty (…because of all the ruthless decluttering!). I’m thinking I might repurpose this for the sheets and bedlinens that currently live in my closet’s built-ins, and repurpose the built-ins for something else, or nothing! Empty storage space makes me very happy…!

Thanks to Tom Brady, Vince Wilfork, Julian Edelman, and Coach Belichick, I’m having quite the motivated Monday. Off to a great start, so let’s keep it up.