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To Do: Spring is…Here?!

With the wonderful passing of Chapeau Weekend (“Easter” to the uninitiated) this past weekend, Spring is officially here. In my mind, actual real legit Spring starts on/after Easter. And boy, is the weather cooperating. Well, mostly.

Easter itself was sunny and warm (albeit a bit windy), perfect for chapeau wearing and outdoor day drinking. Yesterday–Monday–was 75F and sunny and glorious, and I walked both to and from work. Today is low to mid 70s, but humid and threatening rain/thunder all day, so the bus had to do. But walking to/from work took the same amount of time as waiting for the bus, riding the bus, and then walking home from the bus, so as long as the weather holds out (and by “holds out” I mean “isn’t an intolerable swampy DC mess”) I’ll aim to walk to work and back a few times a week.

My power meal prep of two weekends ago was super helpful last week–we ate nutritious easy lunches and dinners every day!–but it didn’t hold up this week, because we spent the weekend reveling. So, a little prep tonight is in order, as is trying to use up some of the more random things in my fridge.

So, the list!

  • Make a scooter plan. The roads are looking significantly better, so perhaps I’ll brave a quick parking lot lesson this weekend. Baby steps scoots.
  • Stop focusing on what to get rid of, focus on what to enjoy. This is hard, but I’m progressing. I’m trying to look at it this way (specifically with re: my closet): the crap that I’m ambivalent or meh about is blocking my way–literally–to the clothes I like. Or, the meh stuff is giving me too many choices when I simply don’t want or need them. I don’t need three meh green dresses, I need one great one. So, the process of culling the closet goes along. It’s helped me to see the true holes in my closet and fill those, and only those, with purpose.
  •  Get a pedicure. This weekend, seriously. I’ve been avoiding slingbacks this week, and I can’t do that much longer.
  • Weekly meal prep. Prepping the steps for a great meal has been helpful: roasting some chicken thighs and lean pork, cooking a big batch of a whole grain, having chopped and portioned veggies and cheese on hand, hard boiling eggs at the beginning of the week. I can prep some good lunch parts tonight for the rest of the week, but this should really be a Sunday morning task.
  • Round up donations and drop off at Opp Shop. I have a huge pile of clothes–mine and Steve’s–that needs to go, but unfortunately we’ve accumulated a larger pile on top of that of stuff that simply needs to get put away. So, I need to do that. And I need to pull out summer-ish stuff, finally. I think the fleece-lined leggings have seen their last wear this year…!

This, I realize, is all “To Do” items and no “Done!” items. Which is motivating and a bit daunting, for real. But none of these items is world-stoppingly-important, so that’s nice. But I still should do them!

Off to do!

To Do: Back From Hibernation

Welp, I’m back. My almost-two-week-long hibernation was fantastic. Fan-fuh-reaking-tastic. But it’s over. And I’m back to work, and back to normal, and back to packed lunches and real clothes and schedules.

Le sigh. It’s hard.

But I’ll live. I’ll thrive, I’m willing to bet. But I have to amp myself up a little.

I’ve enjoyed my #janphotoaday challenge, which has forced me to be engaged with a daily prompt. I’ll share a week at a time later this week–I don’t want to bore you with a post a day of some random photo–but until then, I’ll keep snapping. And planning. And doing.

  • Make another purge pile. I think I’ve hit the max of this current purge, and it’s a good start for the new year. Off to the bin this week some time..!
  • Renew our passports. Filled out the paper work, have the money, just need the photos. This weekend, perhaps?
  • Menu plan for NYE. We had dukkah crusted lamb, brie/chocolate/quince cups, roasted Brussels sprouts, and truffle mac and cheese. And cava. And cava. And a fire drill (that I did not cause, thankyouverymuch) that took us into the cold with the dogs and about 200 other people from our building at 10pm, but it was invigorating. Climbing the 7 flights down then up helped work off some champagne….right?
  • Menu plan for this week, with a focus on vegetarian mains. Lunches and dinners will be mostly vegetarian (including fish and eggs) at our place going forward. Just because it’s cheaper and healthier for the larger population, and it’s forcing me to be creative in the kitchen again. A hunk of meat doesn’t require much creativity; a whole mess of vegetables and legumes does. There will be bacon sprinkled throughout those meals (…there was bacon in my golden lentil pea soup!), for sure, but mostly vegetables, fish, and eggs. Tonight, we’re having a Sicilian pasta salad; tomorrow, tofu (hopefully not ew-ee-ew Killer Tofu).
  • Hit the gym twice a week. Just twice, yes. Why? That’s attainable. That’s two Golden Girls episodes on the treadmill or bike or elliptical, or two podcasts while I forget I’m moving. Hala will be joining me. This, plus my Thursday night yoga (probably more than that), and a few walks? I’ll be feeling better.
  • Keep up with my Cook’s One Line a Day diary. I forgot about this wonderful little journal this summer, and it sat, unused, on my countertop. I picked it up on January 1st and have been remembering to jot a note about my food, or where we ate, or with whom we ate, or a craving. Saturday night had something to do with being very drunk and enjoying a Big Mac…

Hoping for a smooth transition back to normal. What did you do over the holidays and how are you transitioning into the new year?


Time Flies…When You Can’t Tell Time /ToDo

Anyone else find it a tad ironic that my last post was about the clocks changing and my less-than-stellar time telling abilities…and then I fall off the face of the earth? I do. I was put in my place when I navigated to my last post and saw how braggy I was about my time management skillz.


So, I’m back after two weeks off. The first week off, my parents were still in town and that was my priority, of course. Then last week, well, I plum forgot. So this week, I’m a day late and several dollars short (life story) but here I am. And I have things to do!

A recap, then some baby steps in the right direction.

  • Eat more vegetables. Ok, when my parents were in town, I forgot what a vegetable was. Then last weekend, I was treated to two fantastic pork-laden dinners at friends’ houses (three, actually, if I count reuben egg rolls and freezer pizza on Friday night…!), so I’m like “veggies….veggies…what are those?” This week, though, I’ve been good about eating mostly vegetarian. I have pork chops planned for dinner (except, being back on Weight Watchers after the aporkalypse, I’m eating half tonight and half for lunch tomorrow), and there is chicken planned for dinner Friday. But otherwise, heavy on the veg.
  • Find a 10 minute warm up workout to get me going in the morning. I did this for a week, then stopped, but will start it up again. Just something to get the blood moving again, and to sneak in a tiny tiny tiny workout.
  • Buy snacks for the week, and rely on them. Breakfast this week is half a whole grain naan, toasted, with labne and za’atar, and a side of raspberries. Snack is hummus/naan, and raspberries, but not together (ew).
  • Tailoring! My black wool wrap coat will be done getting chopped on Thursday, but I still haven’t touched my trench coats or Steve’s poor shirt.
  • No major grocery shopping until after the holiday. This sounds like a bad idea, I know, because food. But aside from a few little things, I have everything we’ll need to get us through until Wednesday lunch. We are driving to RI with the two dogs on Wednesday night because we’re idiots because we have seriously no choice, so that will be fun.
  • More water. A glass before my first coffee, and a glass either before or instead of my second coffee, then one with lunch, then one with snack/afternoon break, then when I get home, then dinner, then after. Aside from the two morning cups around my coffee, this is my usual. That’s seven, and it’s doable.
  • Start planning Christmas. I started, don’t hate. Holiday greeting cards are safely at home, awaiting addresses and stamps; extra garland has been ordered and awaits hanging in December; gifts have begun to be ordered and the list is done (I just need more money). Holiday open house plans are still up in the air because of scheduling, but we’ll do something!

Getting back on track is hard, with goals, and lists, and health, but it’s all doable with enough motivation. I should add “find motivation” to the list…